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Supervisory and Management Development

Critical to the success of our efforts is the training of our client's employees in the fundamentals of proven process management techniques and the on-going application of those fundamentals to daily activities.

Our training programs are designed to foster an awareness of current organizational performance compared to capabilities and to support the implementation of practical, hands-on tools and skills required to achieve performance goals. Our approach produces sustainable results by creating behavioral transformation throughout the manufacturing organization.

The training materials and approach that is used has been developed specifically for the print environment. Our goal is to prepare your production supervision, pressmen, binder operators, and department managers to better control the processes that impact material yield, throughput, and overall unit costs. The training focuses participants on the critical elements of their operations that must be measured and managed in order to drive performance.

This training also can be delivered as a stand-alone workshop for Printers looking to sharpen the skills of their management team. Please click on Print Management Seminar for more details.

Formal Sessions supported by On-the-Job (OJT) reinforcement:
While each project has its own specific training needs, our experience indicates that there are some fundamental areas that must be addressed to ensure a successful transformation within the organization. Our classroom sessions typically will include the following:

  • Definitions of supervisory roles and responsibilities in the print environment
  • Constructively providing performance feedback
  • Leading Process Improvement Teams
  • Employee orientation relative to performance and process measurement
  • Fundamentals of process management for the print environment

OJT Support
The majority of our training supports the development and use of practical tools used in the daily management of manufacturing operations. Elements of this training may include:

  • Key operational metrics
  • Establishing an effective measurement system
  • Operational goal setting
  • Operational reporting and trend analysis
  • Make-ready and run waste profiles
  • Data collection systems and disciplines
  • Best practices identification and proliferation
  • Maintenance planning
  • Sustaining the Continuous Improvement Model

Additional Information
Training provided by the Kensington Resource Group is not limited to information shared on this website. Additional services are available or will be customized to your specific operational needs on request. For further information, contact us at

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