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Print Management Seminars

KRG has developed a stand-alone workshop that can be delivered to organizations that would like to better prepare their supervision and managers to be effective in today's market. The Kensington Resource Group's Print Management Curriculum is developmental training targeted to management and supervisory-level personnel charged with managing printing and binding operations on the shop floor. It is a practical, comprehensive package that identifies the key leverage points in print management, requires participants to assess their own management systems against those leverage points, and aids in the development of critical reporting tools, processes, and disciplines necessary to improve organizational results.

Key components of this curriculum include:

  • Market conditions and their affect on the industry
  • The changing role of the supervisor
  • Fundamentals of good print management
    • Engineering good measures
    • Reinforcing key measures in the organization
    • Providing practical management training
    • Structuring the management process
  • Key components of effective management structures
    • Organizational development profiles
    • Effective interdepartmental communications and problem-solving
    • Senior managements role and responsibilities
    • Lines of reporting and span of control issues
  • Tool development
    • Goal setting
    • Data gathering tools
    • Process control mechanisms
    • Reporting formats
    • Feedback systems
  • Interpersonal skills training
    • Providing performance feedback
    • Effective documentation of performance and personnel issues
    • Avoiding litigation landmines
    • Ensuring health and safety in the workplace

This curriculum has been developed from eighteen years of experience within the industry and reflects the most effective management practices currently used in successful companies across all major industry segments.

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