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Operations Audit

All of our projects begin with a comprehensive analysis of our client's operating conditions. The objective is to benchmark our client's manufacturing processes, disciplines, and performance against Best in Class criteria. Kensington Resource Group, Inc. has developed this criterion as a result of its twenty years of experience throughout the industry.

The model that we have developed allows our Audit Team to quickly assess the operating potential of our client's facilities and to identify specific opportunities for optimizing performance. At the conclusion of the Audit, our clients receive a detailed summary that includes the following elements:

Summary of Findings
Our comprehensive summary details by department and process those conditions that must be addressed to significantly impact performance.

Recommended Improvement Plan
We will provide you with a detailed outline of what must be done to implement the changes necessary to realize improvement. A realistic timetable and benchmarks will be established for each segment of the Recommended Improvement Plan.

Financial Prospectus
A financial prospectus identifies costs, savings, return-on-investment, and cash flow projections. This document is for the purpose of providing you with the information necessary to make both an operating and financial decision on proceeding with the Recommended Improvement Plan.

Our clients have found the Audit process to be a valuable tool in helping them assess their competitive strengths and weaknesses. It provides them an objective evaluation of their capabilities and performance and it creates awareness throughout their operations that will serve as a catalyst for the initiation of a constructive change process.

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