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Material Yield and Waste Management

Kensington Resource Group's (KRG) Material Yield Management Process is a comprehensive approach designed to improve overall material yield in our client operations.

The typical results of our Material Yield Management Process have been to impact overall yields by 1 1/2 to 5 percent of total material consumption. This has had a powerful effect on our client's profitability. In addition, the Material Yield Management Process ensures the establishment and implementation of "best" operating practices, which address the following:

  • Material purchasing & inventory management
  • Transit damage and mill claims procedures
  • Job planning procedures and waste standard disciplines
  • White waste levels
  • Quality control disciplines
  • Press make-ready & run waste performance
  • Overall count accuracy
  • Post-press yield and count optimization levels
  • Analytical tools relative to yield

KRG's Material Yield Management Process is a proven product that delivers consistent, measurable results for its users. Our participative approach gets immediate buy-in from managers, supervisors, and operators at all levels of the organization. Over the years, KRG has developed and refined practical and effective shop floor reporting tools that have facilitated the measurement and management of material yield. The approach is logical and has proven to produce sustainable results.

KRG's Material Yield Management Process can provide you with the information and disciplines necessary to remain competitive in today's marketplace. It can make the difference in your pursuit of becoming a profitable world-class competitor.

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