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Manufacturing Information Systems

An effective Manufacturing Information System is critical to the development and perpetuation of any Continuous Improvement Process. Printers must be able to effectively measure, analyze, and respond to process variation, if Best in Class performance levels are ever to be approached.

Kensington Resource Group, Inc. has throughout its history been dedicated to the task of defining and delivering the most effective reporting tools in the industry. We have focused on identifying the critical indices necessary for controlling material yield, throughput, asset utilization, quality, unit costs, and, ultimately, operating profits. Our commitment in all of our projects includes the capture of manufacturing data that is accurate, timely, and able to be formatted in reports that facilitate process control and performance improvement.

In order to do this, our IT solutions staff has worked with and around our clients legacy systems, created PC-based reporting tools, developed plant-specific solutions, teamed with third-party providers, and, in short, done whatever is necessary to ensure that our clients have the tools necessary to effectively manage their manufacturing operations. The solutions that we develop are practical, easily understood and maintained, and, most importantly, designed to focus the entire organization on the control of critical process elements. The reporting tools that we have developed over the years are the standards by which all manufacturing systems must be compared.

Recently, Kensington Resource Group, Inc. established a strategic alliance with a leading software supplier to develop the most effective shop floor data collection and manufacturing reporting package available for the Print Industry. This alliance will enable us to continue to bring our clients the best tools available for managing their operation's profitably.

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